In the 1970's my love for photography began when I received my first camera; I remember it was a boxy shaped thing, blue with a little bulb for a flash. Not long after I was given a Kodak Instamatic and I loved it too. By the time I reached high school my father had given me his Canon with a telephoto converter lens and my passion grew, a few years after that he purchased a Canon AE-1 for me and from that moment on both cameras were with me everywhere I went. I toted my camera bag from California to Colorado, then on to Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia then back to the US Mainland.

There were about 20 years when, after selling my Canons to a good friend, I rarely took any photos other than snapshots of my children. But alas, around 2007 I purchased my first DLSR (a Nikon this time) and a few short years later a second one as well as some new glass (lenses). Now, once again, my camera bag is with me almost everywhere I go...photographing cars, people, and weddings are my favorites but if the light is right I have been known to capture images of just about anything!

My philosophy is to capture pure images not create an image in Photoshop. It is the inner light of a person, place or object that I wish to record...the moment.